Sunday, December 27, 2015

Jingle Jam - Christmas 2015

It's been an eventful week. I hope you didn't freak out too much when I didn't email yesterday. I don't think I told you the Jingle Jam would push our p-day back. I'll tell you about that in a little bit. On Tuesday this week we had district meeting in Dumas and I got to go up to Perryton with Elder Hansen for exchanges. There was a lot more snow there than in Borger (the snow in Borger came on Sunday but was pretty much completely gone by Tuesday). We were able to do a lot of service up there at the Crisis Center and helping to serve food at a senior's center.

On Thursday we got to go to the temple with Bro W again. We were hoping to go to the temple with N soon, but it didn't look possible anytime this transfer. The youth had a temple trip the same day he had his baptism so the next one will be a little while. N's doing great, though. He might be a little overwhelmed because the ward gave him a bunch of stuff for his baptism, like a pamphlet on tithing, one on strengthening your family, a preach my gospel, a quad, and a lot more gospel-related stuff. 

Yesterday was our Jingle Jam, which was great, as usual! I love seeing all the missionaries I know, but it was kind of sad because the sisters I came out with are going home at the end of this transfer. The Borger sisters and Elder May and I were going to sing "Oh Holy Night" and I was going to do a harmonica solo during it, but we hadn't had much time to practice so they all bailed on the idea last second and so I just played the harmonica. I had to so Elder May wouldn't try to ditch out on reading the poem he wrote as well. 

President Heap also had us watch "It's a Wonderful Life". Like Dad told me in his letter this week, we really do have a much bigger impact on the lives of others than we think. Like the "A World Without a Savior" video, it's crazy to think how different our lives would be if the Savior had never been born. But since He was, what a wonderful life it is! I'm so grateful for that and that I'm able to help others to have a wonderful Christ-centered life as well. I hope you all go out and leave those around you better than you found them. Help them to realize what a wonderful life it really is. 

Elder Carlson

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