Monday, December 14, 2015


I'll start out with the exciting news, N got baptized this week! It went great! His dad, who's one of the sister's investigators because he speaks Spanish better than English, came to the baptism and seemed to enjoy it. He had a lot of support from members coming as well and they all seem to be really excited. I hope this excitement will keep them pumped to do more of their own missionary work. On Sunday, when he was going to get confirmed, we were freaking out because he hadn't showed up yet when sacrament meeting started! We were texting him like crazy trying to figure out what happened and then they moved into administering the sacrament. Right at that point, fortunately, our frantic prayers were answered because they walked in right as they started the prayer on the bread. He was successfully confirmed after that ordinance and is now the newest member of the ward. We're hoping he can be a positive influence on the other young men in the ward because their ranks are pretty scarce.

Nothing really new with our other investigators this week. One of our investigators is back from a vacation she went on for Thanksgiving finally so we got to meet with her. She's kind of an internigator. She's been meeting with missionaries for about a year now on and off because she's very non-committal when it comes to baptism. But this lesson went well and I think we finally were able to figure out what one of her hesitations is. I can testify that it's the Spirit that teaches these people, not us. If we just have faith to open our mouths, then God will fill them and His Spirit will do the work. I know that will work for y'all too. It's not a promise just for full-time missionaries but all who are engaged in the Lord's work of salvation. 

I hope everyone has a great week and will be able to see God's tender mercies in their lives every day. Remember Him this beautiful time of year when we celebrate our Savior's birth. I love you all.


Elder Carlson

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