Monday, December 14, 2015

Discover why Christ is important to us.

N is getting baptized this week! He came to church this week for all three hours and everyone was talking to him about getting the priesthood after he's baptized, which we haven't talked about yet, so he was a little confused and I'm sure overwhelmed, but he's a champ and his dad even came to church with him this week. 

We've also had a lot of success using the A Savior is Born video recently. We have some new investigators who we showed the video to. It brings such a spirit so quickly and helps us focus so much on the Savior. And being in Texas, where so many people say they believe in Christ but don't do anything about it really puts into perspective how amazing that invitation is, "Discover why". If we don't find our for ourselves why Christ is important to us, then how miserable our life can be. God can change us and bring us so much glorious light in our lives, but we just need to act and discover how Christ can make an impact on our individual lives. I love you all and hope you will continue every day to discover what Christ has done for you.

Elder Carlson

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