Monday, December 28, 2015

transferred to Roswell, NM

 So it's transfer time again and guess what. I'm leaving Borger and going to be a zone leader in Roswell. I'm sad to be leaving Borger, but serving in the land of the aliens will be great too. Because of winter storm "Goliath" transfers are most likely going to be delayed at least a day or two. We didn't get it as bad in our zone as a lot of the mission did. We only got about 4-5 inches of snow, but the snow drifts the wind caused were up to 3 feet in some spots. It's crazy how everything completely shuts down in Texas when there's snow. Since church was even cancelled, on Sunday we borrowed some snow shovels from a member and went around shoveling people's driveways. I'll send some pictures of us in the snow.

On Christmas after we skyped we went to one of the parks here that has a frolf (frisbee golf) course. It was probably one of the most epic courses I've ever seen. We were throwing our frisbees from the tops of cliffs, over ravines, through and around trees, and trying to avoid the swampy little stream that went trough the whole course. Of course I got my frisbee stuck in a couple cacti, down in a ravine, and in the stream a couple times (I have the worst luck with frisbee golf). 

I'm not sure if I told you when we talked on Christmas, but on Christmas Eve some investigators of ours invited us to their church's (Grace Fellowship, which is probably the biggest non-denominational church in Borger) Christmas Eve program. We sang a lot of songs there. Most of them were ones we'd sing at church around Christmastime, but also some like "You're a Mean One Mister Grinch" and "Happy Birthday Jesus". Elder May compared it to the feel of a pep assembly. Going there really gave me an appreciation for the environment and amazing opportunity we have at church each Sunday as we participate in the ordinance of the sacrament. Our services may not be as entertaining, but if you understand the significance of why we do what we do, it means so much more.

I think that's about it. Hopefully next time I email it will be from Roswell, but we'll see with the weather. I love you all and hope yall remember the importance of Christ and His birth, life, and death every day.

Elder Carlson

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Skyping on Christmas

Jingle Jam - Christmas 2015

It's been an eventful week. I hope you didn't freak out too much when I didn't email yesterday. I don't think I told you the Jingle Jam would push our p-day back. I'll tell you about that in a little bit. On Tuesday this week we had district meeting in Dumas and I got to go up to Perryton with Elder Hansen for exchanges. There was a lot more snow there than in Borger (the snow in Borger came on Sunday but was pretty much completely gone by Tuesday). We were able to do a lot of service up there at the Crisis Center and helping to serve food at a senior's center.

On Thursday we got to go to the temple with Bro W again. We were hoping to go to the temple with N soon, but it didn't look possible anytime this transfer. The youth had a temple trip the same day he had his baptism so the next one will be a little while. N's doing great, though. He might be a little overwhelmed because the ward gave him a bunch of stuff for his baptism, like a pamphlet on tithing, one on strengthening your family, a preach my gospel, a quad, and a lot more gospel-related stuff. 

Yesterday was our Jingle Jam, which was great, as usual! I love seeing all the missionaries I know, but it was kind of sad because the sisters I came out with are going home at the end of this transfer. The Borger sisters and Elder May and I were going to sing "Oh Holy Night" and I was going to do a harmonica solo during it, but we hadn't had much time to practice so they all bailed on the idea last second and so I just played the harmonica. I had to so Elder May wouldn't try to ditch out on reading the poem he wrote as well. 

President Heap also had us watch "It's a Wonderful Life". Like Dad told me in his letter this week, we really do have a much bigger impact on the lives of others than we think. Like the "A World Without a Savior" video, it's crazy to think how different our lives would be if the Savior had never been born. But since He was, what a wonderful life it is! I'm so grateful for that and that I'm able to help others to have a wonderful Christ-centered life as well. I hope you all go out and leave those around you better than you found them. Help them to realize what a wonderful life it really is. 

Elder Carlson

Monday, December 14, 2015


I'll start out with the exciting news, N got baptized this week! It went great! His dad, who's one of the sister's investigators because he speaks Spanish better than English, came to the baptism and seemed to enjoy it. He had a lot of support from members coming as well and they all seem to be really excited. I hope this excitement will keep them pumped to do more of their own missionary work. On Sunday, when he was going to get confirmed, we were freaking out because he hadn't showed up yet when sacrament meeting started! We were texting him like crazy trying to figure out what happened and then they moved into administering the sacrament. Right at that point, fortunately, our frantic prayers were answered because they walked in right as they started the prayer on the bread. He was successfully confirmed after that ordinance and is now the newest member of the ward. We're hoping he can be a positive influence on the other young men in the ward because their ranks are pretty scarce.

Nothing really new with our other investigators this week. One of our investigators is back from a vacation she went on for Thanksgiving finally so we got to meet with her. She's kind of an internigator. She's been meeting with missionaries for about a year now on and off because she's very non-committal when it comes to baptism. But this lesson went well and I think we finally were able to figure out what one of her hesitations is. I can testify that it's the Spirit that teaches these people, not us. If we just have faith to open our mouths, then God will fill them and His Spirit will do the work. I know that will work for y'all too. It's not a promise just for full-time missionaries but all who are engaged in the Lord's work of salvation. 

I hope everyone has a great week and will be able to see God's tender mercies in their lives every day. Remember Him this beautiful time of year when we celebrate our Savior's birth. I love you all.


Elder Carlson

Discover why Christ is important to us.

N is getting baptized this week! He came to church this week for all three hours and everyone was talking to him about getting the priesthood after he's baptized, which we haven't talked about yet, so he was a little confused and I'm sure overwhelmed, but he's a champ and his dad even came to church with him this week. 

We've also had a lot of success using the A Savior is Born video recently. We have some new investigators who we showed the video to. It brings such a spirit so quickly and helps us focus so much on the Savior. And being in Texas, where so many people say they believe in Christ but don't do anything about it really puts into perspective how amazing that invitation is, "Discover why". If we don't find our for ourselves why Christ is important to us, then how miserable our life can be. God can change us and bring us so much glorious light in our lives, but we just need to act and discover how Christ can make an impact on our individual lives. I love you all and hope you will continue every day to discover what Christ has done for you.

Elder Carlson