Monday, March 23, 2015


We had a lot of service this week. We got a total of 6 hours. 4 of them were on Saturday when we got to go help a member tear up his roof so they could repair a leak. It was exhausting trying to pry up their shingles and all the tar holding them down. We also got to go help at the YWCA here because of the "just serve" program they're starting up here now. I'm not sure if they have it there in Utah yet, but it seems awesome and I hope we get a lot more service hours because of it. We just have to figure out how we can work it into the missionary life because it's a website mostly and we don't have iPads yet.

We had an awesome miracle happen Saturday night. We were walking down the street doing some tracting before we headed to a lesson and this gold minivan pulls up behind us. It follows us slowly for a while, stopping when we stop and with the people inside watching us. Finally the lady opens her door and they start to talk to us. Apparently this family has met with the missionaries before (they've gone through about 60 of them) and their kids are all baptized (the ones who are over 8 years old). They moved to Lubbock 6 months ago and haven't seen any missionaries or found out what ward they're in since until they saw us and decided to harass us, ha ha. The parents weren't baptized because of some crazy circumstances but still have that desire. I'm so excited to start teaching them more and hopefully they will finally be able to make their first covenant soon!

I love you all and hope y'all have a great week this week. Remember how much God loves each and every one of His children and so try to serve your brothers and sisters as much as you can. 

Elder Carlson

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