Wednesday, March 11, 2015


So C's baptism went amazingly!! We found out at her interview with Pres. Heap that she invited 75 people to it! Unfortunately, none of them showed up. A couple would have, but tried to go into the temple instead or got lost on the way there. Her husband wasn't able to come either, but both her kids were there and loved it. Right when she came up out of the water her son yelled, "She's a Mormon now!" and her daughter turned around and said, "That was so cool!" Haha, her kids are awesome! One of the ward members she's gotten to know really well was able to baptize her and our bishop confirmed her. I was so nervous Sunday morning because she showed up late and I thought she might miss when they announced she was being confirmed! It all worked out, though. She even brought her brother to church.

We got a new investigator this week. They're an older couple who love Mormons because they've had great LDS friends in the past. One thing I've learned from them is to never be afraid to share what you believe. A long time ago, she used to live next door to an LDS woman who she became good friends with. She knew this lady was LDS, but that's all she knew about it. She was really interested in learning more about what we believe but never asked because she assumed her friend would tell her more about it. But she never did. I feel like this happens a lot with members. We feel like we're intruding if we bring up our religion and that we're pushing our beliefs on our friend, but in reality, even if that friend isn't interested, they won't be offended if you show that you love them and let them know you love this gospel and are sharing it because you want it to bless them too. 

Oh, and I'm staying in this area with Elder Evans still. This will be the longest I've stayed in an area and the longest I've had the same companion. Oh, and one more story from this week: the cops came and broke up a lesson with a less active member. We went over to see her and were in the middle of reading from the Book of Mormon with her when we hear a bang on the door and someone yells, "It's the police! Open up!" We were all a little stunned at first and the cops just came in and started questioning her husband what his name was and if that was his house. Apparently they had told their insurance company or someone they would be out of town for the week (they were leaving the next day) and so the cops were notified and since he saw someone was inside he came to investigate. Haha, it was pretty crazy.

Well, that was my week. I hope everything went well for y'all this week. I love y'all.

- Elder Carlson

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