Monday, July 20, 2015


It's been a good but hot week. Has it still been as hot there as it has been?
This week we got two "new" investigators! The first is Bro. C. His whole family is members but he's not. He's been coming to church for a while, though, and now is taking the lessons! We had a really spiritual lesson with them last Monday. And we'll have another tonight.

The other one used to be an investigator and was coming to church regularly and getting ready for baptism last time I was in this ward. We were over at a less active member's house and he wanted us to come over later that day. Our lesson with him started out not so good. He was very adamant against authority and our church's "hierarchy" but we were able to remind him of the testimony he had gained in the past of the Book of Mormon and what that meant. So he came to church on Sunday! And brought all his kids!

Also, our investigator, T, came to church this week! She lives with her grandma and is really active in her Baptist church but is willing to find out if what we've taught her is true. Lately she's been trying to get an answer to prayers about the BoM but hasn't felt anything yet. Coming to church was a big step for her, though.

On Wednesday we were out knocking some doors out in Greenwood and this random guy pulls up in his car and asks if we're JWs. We told him we were Mormons and he was pretty happy about that and started asking all about our beliefs. Now don't freak out at this next part, Mom, but we ended up hopping in his car and just cruising around Greenwood for a while teaching him basically the whole restoration. He even took a BoM and I really hope he can feels the Spirit from it. I just really think it's funny how as a missionary all those rules about not talking to strangers and not getting into a car with a stranger is just thrown out the window (unless the Spirit tells you otherwise) haha!

Also, we finally got our po box! So our mailing address is:
P.O. Box #1285
Stanton, TX 79782

I appreciate the comments on love this week, Mom and Dad. Recently I've been praying a lot for more charity because it is such a vital part of missionary work. With enough charity everything seems so much easier because you're focusing on serving others rather than yourself. It takes a lot of work to have charity all the time and to be able to help Christ heal others, but the rewards are so great!

Elder Carlson

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