Monday, June 1, 2015

Transferred and District Leader

So this week we did have some crazy weather. And we've been stuck on bikes all week because we already went over on our miles for the month. We did get to still go help at the community garden we've been helping at luckily as well as the Catholic Charities place we help at every Saturday (some awesome members took us). On Thursday was when the weather was crazy. We had planned to go help a family move but when we opened the door we stepped into a torrential downpour! We were instantly soaked and as we biked we were riding through puddles that were halfway up our shins on our down-peddles. Since we were already drenched we got to help a man push his car out of the flooded street. It was insane but so much fun, haha!

On Friday we got to go to the temple with a less-active lady that we've been working with a lot. She struggles a lot with smoking but recently we've set some goals with her and she's been able to stay clean for a while and is worthy to do baptisms for the dead!!! I love the temple so much. 

On Saturday we got transfer calls. We were actually at our assistant ward mission leader's house having correlation meeting when President Heap called. Elder Evans is staying here and is training a new missionary. I'm going to Greenwood (right next to Midland, and in the same ward I was in when I was in Midland last I'm pretty sure) with Elder Hanson (who I don't know yet). I'm also going to be a district leader. So I'll leave Lubbock tomorrow. Also, they are moving us so instead of the Greenwood elders living in Midland we'll now live in Stanton (which is in our area). If that doesn't work out, though, we'll be living in a traveling trailer. Elder Evans is super jealous of that, haha.

It really sucks being in an area so long because then when you leave it's so much worse because you're so much closer to the people. I'm going to miss everyone here, but the Lord needs me elsewhere. 

I love y'all and hope everything goes great this week! Enjoy your summer while I burn up in Texas again, if it ever stops raining (maybe y'all should pray it doesn't stop raining). 

Elder Carlson

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