Friday, June 12, 2015

Amazing miracle!

So adjusting this week to my new area, companion, and calling as a DL has been alright. Elder Hanson is from Idaho and is a really nice guy. He's been in this area for a while and so is a big help.
Greenwood is a pretty great area so far. Most of the time we spend in Stanton because Greenwood is just all the houses out in the county roads between these two highways outside of Midland. We do have a car, but not related to me being DL. We actually live in Midland and Stanton is about a 30 minute drive (so it would be quite the bike ride). We will be moving into a traveling trailer in Stanton sometime this week, though. We have no idea when yet. It will be quite the change going from the most expensive missionary apartment in the mission (and one of the nicest I've seen thus far) to a travel trailer. I haven't seen one yet so I don't know how small it will be. Because of that I'm not going to tell you an address yet, but you could just send anything to the mission office.

We had an amazing miracle happen just yesterday. We had a lesson scheduled and had this member couple, the P's, come out with us. Unfortunately, they slammed the door in our face and so we visited a less active family for a bit. After we said thanks to the P's and they drove off, we soon got a call from Sis P. There was this man who, when he saw them driving down the road, flagged them down and asked them about the gospel. We got to go in and teach him. He's a recovering drug addict and had just said a prayer for God to give him some hope when he opened the door and saw the P's.

It's strange being here in Midland 3rd ward again and has brought back a lot of memories from when I was here with Elder Morley. I've been able to think back and realize how much I've grown and changed in this past year. I learned so much training Elder Evans and I know being a DL will make me stretch and grow even more. I love you all and hope everything goes well at girls camp!!

Elder Carlson

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