Monday, April 6, 2015

"Because He Lives"

It's been a good week, but we'll see if I remember what happened, haha. We got three new investigators this week. One of them we met quite a while ago while we were leaving a lesson with our former investigator. He was super surprised we remembered his name the next time we saw him and we gave him a pamphlet. We saw him again quite a bit later and he loved the pamphlet and wanted us to stop by sometime. We were finally able to meet with him this week and he's pretty awesome. Another one we had seen a couple times but just finally got to teach him something as well.

The last one is this lady who was a referral from Church headquarters. We finally got to meet with her and she seemed super solid and interested, but just today we got a call from her saying not to come by to our appointment because she's not interested. I hope she hasn't been anti-ed. I've gotten more drop calls/texts in this area than anywhere else.

Also, yesterday we went to a dinner appointment with a member family and the other elders. I'm not sure if I've told you much about Elder Hastings, but he is extremely picky in everything he eats. To show you how much so, the only fruit he's ever eaten are apples, bananas, and grapes. And the only vegetables are carrots and broccoli. Anyway, so at our dinner appointment we tried to convince him to eat a strawberry. It took us so long to convince/bribe him to eat it! Hastings is hilarious. 

Anyway, have y'all seen the new initiative the Church put out? It's called "Because He Lives". If you haven't go to . It'll be going year round this time, but starting around Easter time because that's when He was resurrected. It's great to have these holidays to focus on Christ and what He has done for us. I hope we can all feel of the power of the Atonement and help others to learn to feel it for themselves. It's such a blessing to be able to know Him and have the joy of knowing His restored gospel. I love and miss you all.

- Elder Carlson

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