Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Small miracles

It's been a really awesome, busy week this week! It doesn't even seem like a new transfer because I didn't have to pack up my bags and move, haha. We've had a lot of people to try and keep contacting this week so we've had back to back lessons some days, particularly this weekend. It's been awesome, but we've kind of been slacking on finding new people that are prepared to hear the gospel.

A pretty neat little miracle happened this week. Our investigator J has been having a hard time recently. He doesn't have a job and so his dad's paying for his apartment and someone stole his car and phone and he lost his drivers license and pretty much all identification he had. But then on Saturday we were out trying to meet with some potentials and this random guy calls us. I have no clue how he got our number, but he was wondering if we knew someone who needed some money that could help him move some office cubicles out of this office building. J was so happy to be able to get a little money to be able to get him back on his feet long enough to get a solid job. Plus, after we told him that, he said he wanted to start coming to church! The Lord works in mysterious ways. 

Oh, and C and J were both at church this week with their kids. I think it's the first time their entire family has been at all 3 hours of church since I've been in this area. Also, we found out today that there's a Cabelas here in Lubbock! Elder Nelson bought an elk bugle there, haha! Poor Elder Hastings isn't going to have any peace and quiet this transfer. I can't remember much else exciting or interesting that happened this week. Love y'all and I hope y'all can see God's hand in your lives this week. Keep looking for those small miracles that happen every day.

- Elder Carlson

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