Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Transferred to Midland!!!

So we got transfer calls Saturday and I'm going to Midland!!! I'm super excited! My new comp's name is Elder Morley and it's his first time being a senior companion and they said it would seem like I'm senior comp sometimes. I've heard only good things about Midland. It's going to be quite a change going from a little town like Seminole with only one branch to a bigger city with four wards. Elder Christensen is staying in Seminole and he's training again!

Other than that, it's been a pretty slow week. The weather has been all over the place. It's rained a ton and been sunny some days. One day it was super sunny and warm outside so we went out to see the B's (they live just outside of town). Once we got to the edge of town, it started pouring and we were instantly soaked. The weather here's pretty crazy.

I feel like more happened this week, but I can't remember, haha. I've been busy today packing because I'll probably leave Wednesday and I'm not sure how much time I'll have later to pack. And my new address is: 3601 Andrews Hwy #405 Midland, TX 79703.

I wish I had more to say this week, but I'm sure I'll have plenty next week with being transfered and all. I love you all and miss you!

-Elder Carlson

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