Monday, August 25, 2014

What I've learned this week

This week has seemed really long because a lot has happened. With S just getting baptized we've been meeting with her pretty much every day to give her the new member lessons (basically just reteach her the lessons) and her whole family decided to sit in on them too! When we went over to teach her the first one she made her kids join and all their friends who were there came too, so we had 8 people we were teaching, haha! Her daughter really likes it and even came to church yesterday and said she'd come next week! It's awesome to see what a great spirit S's decision to be baptized brought to her whole family!

On a less exciting note, one of our investigators got taken by CPS Tuesday. I guess it's good that he's away from his parents who were horrible examples and didn't really care about him and his siblings. We think he's in a foster home in Brady now, which is still in our mission so hopefully we'll be able to get the missionaries there to find him and help him out.

We found out that J, who was in jail out of state, got let out, but still has to stay up there until her court date. So that's really good, but she's been having a rough time away from home. Hopefully this will help her to start coming to church again (she's been somewhat less-active for a little while now) and she'll start making better decisions (we think she might have gotten back into drugs). Her cousin who went to jail with her (and worships Satan and does drugs) most likely isn't coming back because she wasn't even supposed to leave the state because of her probation, which is probably good because she wasn't the best influence on J.

I hope everything is going well with everyone who reads this. And remember it's ok to have questions about your faith, but remember to search for the answers in the right sources (the scriptures and God/prayer). But don't let those questions get in the way of what you already know. Always remember what you have a testimony in even when those questions/doubts arise. If your testimony is rooted in Jesus Christ and you've felt the spirit testify on His gospel and church, you don't need to understand everything about His doctrine. We all learn little by little at our own pace. That's what I've learned this week. I love you all and remember that God does too!

-Elder Carlson

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