Monday, August 18, 2014

First Baptism!!!!!!!!!!

This week was fantastic! It was kind of hectic getting everything ready for S's baptism because neither Elder Christensen or I have ever planned someone's baptism. We got everything figured out though and it was such a great service! I got to baptize and Elder Christensen confirmed her.
The font was a lot cleaner than before the last baptism which was really good. This time we just had to sweep out some of the dead bugs and dirt before we filled it. Hopefully it'll be used a lot more frequently from now on so it doesn't get as nasty as it was.
Nothing else too big happened this week and I'm having trouble remembering everything that happened, haha. We went to Plains to meet with the P's (a part-member family we're teaching) which was awesome because we can hardly ever get out of Seminole to do anything because we don't have a car. Luckily a member could drive us out there. We've been pushing for a car here because as much as I love riding bikes (sarcasm added), we can't cover our whole area because we have like four more cities we're supposed to cover that are impossible to get to on bikes and the members who do live in Seminole can't drive us a lot of the time (especially since all of those cities are at least a half hour drive).

We have a new elder in Lamesa because Elder Ross went home (I'm not sure if I told you that was his last transfer). His name is Elder Heninger and he's from Alberta, Canada. I met him Sunday and he's pretty cool. I had to teach Sunday School again this week with Elder Christensen, but at least it's not in spanish so I can actually understand what's going on. At church Sister A was talking with us and mentioned that her husband said he's ready to be baptized. We kind of freaked out inside because he's been coming to church for a long time and has had all the missionary lessons about a thousand times but for some reason has never been baptized. When we've talked to him before he said he just hasn't received an answer it's true. We're going to meet with their family tonight, so we're hoping that goes well.
I'm so lucky to be serving here while so many of these miracles are happening! I was struggling for a while wondering why I was sent to Texas of all places, but I know now that it doesn't matter where I am as long as I'm doing my best to do the Lord's work. He can work through me to touch any of His children and bring them to Him as long as I do my part. Unfortunately I can't do my part perfectly but I'm doing my best and am doing better at it than I ever have. I hope each of you can continue to improve yourselves every day and fulfill a little more of your full potential all the time. President Heap said a while ago that a mission shouldn't be the best two years of your life, but the best two years of your life so far. Every day can be better than the last.
-Elder Carlson

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