Monday, February 29, 2016


It's been a really good and busy week with a lot of teaching and business to take care of. We submitted our ideas to Pres. Heap for the new areas and we're going to move a companionship to Carlsbad next transfer so there's a companionship in every ward in Roswell and Carlsbad. For now, we are splitting the new ward, Linda Vista Ward, with another companionship (the elders that were in 1st ward) because in our ward there's the biggest chunk of city so more people to try to teach. It is really hard to change, and I've definitely seen a lot of people taking this change pretty hard. Since we're in the new ward and we meet at 1:00, there's a lot of people I'm sure don't come that should. It's neat how we've talked a lot as a mission about repentance, which is change, and how to repent is the purpose of this life (Alma 34:32-34); then this big change happens and we have to deal with a lot of people who resist this change so adamantly.
I'm not sure if I told y'all about our investigator, R.  She is a young mother who is roommates with a less active member, C. When we went over to give C a blessing she requested, R expressed interest in the church and being baptized. We've taught her a lot this past week and she even came to church! She's planning on being baptized on March 26th! Another investigator that we gained just this week is J. We were walking down the street contacting, when he pulled up and yelled, "Are y'all Mormons?" He had met with missionaries for about two years in Farmington, NM before he moved here and now wants to start coming to church again.
I've been studying a lot recently about the role of the Holy Ghost in conversion in preparation for zone training this week. One thing I've learned is in 1 Nephi 17:7-13, when Nephi is commanded to build a boat. In there the Lord points out how the purpose for Nephi building the boat is so the Lord can carry His people to the promised land. The Lord is also their light in the wilderness and makes their food sweet. The only thing Nephi and his family does is pray and seek inspiration, keep the commandments, and provide the physical labor (like hunting or building the ship). Similarly in our lives, we need to do things in the Lord's way. If we try to take charge, there's no way we're going to make it to our promised land, but as we seek inspiration every day and live worthily, we will succeed in any endeavor the Lord would have us do.
I love you all and pray that you will embrace the changes and obstacles that come in your lives with positive attitudes and child-like obedience.
Elder Carlson

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