Monday, December 29, 2014

Love the scriptures

It's been a good week this week. Christmas was fantastic skyping y'all of course. After we got off with you we went to this member family's home for dinner. Then we went and played basketball and some games with the other missionaries in Lubbock at the stake center. 

The rest of the week after that we've done a lot of knocking and street contacting (which is only effective on the nicer days). We have had a couple good lessons with our investigators this week and M actually came to church yesterday! He seemed to like it and stayed all of sacrament meeting instead of only 20 minutes like he said he would, haha. The bad thing was one of our other investigators, J, didn't come to church, so we have to move his baptism date back again. 

I'm not sure if I told you about him because Tuesday was p-day and we finally met him Tues night. We had tried him a ton of times since we've been here since the sisters had been meeting with him and he had been progressing quite a bit, but he was never there. So Tuesday night we were heading in for the night when I just felt like we should try to see J again. We almost didn't because it was getting late and we wouldn't have hardly any time to meet with him, but we did anyway. We got there and he was there and we had a fantastic, yet short, meeting with him! We found out that he had called the sisters who gave him to the sisters before us as a referral and was wanting missionaries to come over. The sisters had tried to call us, but we were running from appointment to appointment and missed their call. But the spirit still guided us to him when he really needed us. 

This week I've really come to love the scriptures even more than I ever have. I've been frustrated from all the tracting we've had to do lately, but when we get back at night and I read a little from the scriptures (especially the BoM) I feel so much better and way more motivated to go out and do whatever it is the Lord needs me to do. I hope y'all can find as much joy and consolation from the scriptures as I do. Life would be miserable if I couldn't read from them every day.

Elder Carlson

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