Monday, October 6, 2014

General Conference

So this week was awesome! Mainly because of conference. We were able to watch it at one of the church buildings in Midland. We watched all of the sessions there except for Sunday morning because a member family invited us over to watch it with them and have breakfast. It was really fun because we got to do conference bingo with their kids, haha! It's great getting to know the members, but I think I get more out of conference without little kids running around and hanging off of me, haha.

This week we also had a zone conference, which was great because we got to see "Meet the Mormons". It's a fantastic movie and I encourage all of you to see it and bring all of your friends when it comes out! It's a great way to help everyone understand how normal Mormons really are and how the gospel blesses our lives without talking to us pushy, preachy missionaries. Unfortunately, it's most likely only going to be shown in one or two theaters in this mission, but I'm glad Pres Heap was able to get a copy and show us.

We haven't had too much luck teaching anyone this week, but we've been on our bikes a little more because we've been going out to the farthest out part of our area a little more.
God has blessed us a lot with safety this week. Biking around Midland is kind of scary. The traffic is crazy and there are some crazy drivers. We saw J again (the guy we found who we gave to the YSA sisters) and he found out he has a tumor on his lung and started chemo recently. It's not a coincidence we found him and were able to help him feel the joy of the gospel before this happened. Please pray for him.

I think that's about all the major things that happened this week. I'm so grateful for a living prophet today and for the opportunity general conference is to hear from him and all of God's chosen apostles. I hope you all can continue to find your own testimony and if you already have it continue to nourish it so it can grow and increase daily. I love you all.

- Elder Carlson

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