Monday, June 23, 2014

First week in the MTC

Dear Family,

I am loving it here so far. The Spirit is so strong everywhere we go. My companions name is Elder Thornton. He is a great missionary I can tell already. He knows how to think like our investigators and is great with being sensitive to their needs, but likes to wake up at 6:00 rather than 6:30, which is good, but I'm so tired all the time, haha. I just got called as my district leader yesterday which is both nerve racking and exciting at the same time. I have the opportunity to serve my fellow missionaries going to my same mission, but I feel like I don't have enough time to fulfill all of my duties to the best of my abilities at times. In my district there is a trio of Elders, Elders Arave, Garey, and Mortimer and a trio of Sisters, Sisters Affleck (distantly related to Ben Affleck, haha), Evens, and Heaton. They are all amazing and it's amazing to tell already that we will be life-long friends. I think we're the only ones here currently that are going to Lubbock and one of the Elder's family just moved to Carlsbad, so hopefully one of us will be able to be put in that area and meet them! I've taken some pictures, but left my camera in my room and we aren't in the computer lab where we can upload photos, so I'll send you those later on.

I love you all!!!  - Elder Carlson

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